Grace Notes

Friday, February 27, 2015

Building My Wings

It's time to depart
Ole self-defeating friend
....a side of myself 
That just has to end

I grasped the carousel tightly
As we'd go round and round
You spoke such harsh words 
Yet no one heard a sound

I accepted the shackles
When I hitched that ride
In tow for the long haul
Losing my ability to decide

I fought you at first
Yet it was to no avail
Then came acceptance paired with denial 
Following on up the trail

I'm severing the grip
You've held tightly onto me
The doubt, the degradation 
Thinking I'm unable to lead

Now I'm reclaiming my identity
Just so you know
Gazing in the mirror, I say
This part of me has to go 

I'm free I think 
But wait! Not so fast
Be patient my dear
Wounds heal with time -though the pain won't last 

As I pray myself to sleep, I think
Tomorrow's another day-it's fine!
I'll just keep building my wings 
One feather at a time!

By: Jamie Campbell

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