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Monday, December 19, 2011

God Dances

God dances when we use our abilities, gifts and talents. I believe this...I know this. We were created by God, and He made us with our own special abilities, our own personal gifts, and talents. The artist, dancer, musician, singer, athlete, speaker, mathematician, designer, etc, all were created to express these talents. Think for a moment about your own talents. Where do you think the passion to drive that talent comes from? Maybe you have not discovered your God-given talent yet? It's there, I can assure you. When you realize the special talent God has given you, the passion to express your talent will forever burn. Some try to quench their talent through self-doubt, insecurity, fear. But it will not go away. Some will persevere in building a livelihood based on their talents. Others will express their talent, just because they know that they have to; regardless of whether they build a career around it or not. Your talents are predestined. They were there before you formed your first thought. And to not embrace your talent, is denying God a gift he has given you.

As a young girl, I will never ever forget how I felt when I danced. I studied Ballet and thrived in the art of dance. The music would ignite the movement of dance. Each classical piece would awaken my muscles, set sparks to my bones, and bring elation to my brain. It was a "high" in such a spiritual sense. So when I danced, I now know God was dancing with me. How can anyone doubt the existence of God? Whatever your talent may be, think of how you feel when you express and share your talent. Remember that God created that talent within you, and He is glorified when you use it. That passion and pure love that your talent provides to your soul, is God in all His Glory! God dancing!

By: Jamie Campbell

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